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The name's Jinx. Mistress of bad luck, and if I had my way, the world's greatest villain — I'd have trumped Rouge by now, but by a stroke of bad luck, things didn't go my way.

I may be done with slumming it with villains, but that won't save you from a good hexing. Good girls can still be bad, y'know. So I advise you to watch your step around me... lest you trip on a banana peel at the speed of light.

[ independent Jinx of the
Teen Titans animated series
roleplay blog. ]

[ all icons are made by me
(images, however, are of course
not mine unless otherwise stated)—
ergo, no stealing. ]

[ multi-fandom and oc friendly!
also: no nsfw material;
check out the RP info for more. ]

I know, I know I’m missing a lot of characters. I hope there’ll be time for a part two to this.

Anyway, belated happy 10th birthday to the Teen Titans, the embodiment of my childhood. Cheers, to ten years of truth, pizza and justice!

Icons from varied sources. All found on either Google, screencaps or PC files. Some of them belong to, in no particular order, simplicitydoubter, fastest-boy-alive, aqualad-garth, t-erra, archeroftheeast, deceitfulemperess and yourkittenhasarrived. If I missed anyone, please tell me so I can credit you!

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