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The name's Jinx. Mistress of bad luck, and if I had my way, the world's greatest villain — I'd have trumped Rouge by now, but by a stroke of bad luck, things didn't go my way.

I may be done with slumming it with villains, but that won't save you from a good hexing. Good girls can still be bad, y'know. So I advise you to watch your step around me... lest you trip on a banana peel at the speed of light.

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    tiny little turn ons:

       - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk

       - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made

       - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go

       - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking







                      “Hey, guys.
                                 Missed me?”

          Okay I’m gonna say this once and then shut up about it.

          When people post opens ( no I’m not just talking about myself ) they’re posted for people to reply to them. If you find yourself thinking: oh no this roleplayer is too intimidating but I really want to rp with them, and then decide not to because you’re afraid you probably should have replied anyways.

          Cause sometimes people work really hard on starters and sometimes they just want something not so serious or lengthy because they’ve got too many drafts already, yet they still want to roleplay. And there’s nothing wrong with it, I myself do it.

          But when no one responds to that open starter it makes the rper feel bad.

          It makes them feel like no one has the time/or even wants to roleplay with them. So that rper that you really like and have been dying to rp with? If they post an open, reply to it. Just jump in. There’s nothing wrong with being brave. And who knows, you and that rper could become one of the best friends you ever had.

          Roleplay is for fun so don’t be afraid to have fun.

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            date a girl that can beat the shit out of you

              Friendly reminder that our muses don’t always have to be friends and/or fall in love… (u‿u✿)

              They can be enemies. Brutal enemies. So hateful of each other that they fall asleep plotting the other’s murder.   (✿)

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                  It makes me feel like you actually want to talk to me and I don’t feel like I’m bothering you because you talked to me first. You wanting to talk to me, that’s a good feeling.

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                    LOVE YOU TOO, BABYDOLL. <333


                      ☽Sensing ahexbyanyothername


                         —-Unless you’re feeling particularly hospitable today,I request you don’t disturb me.”

                               [Even with the bouncing between being a hero and villian,Jinx was hardly on the empath’s list of favorite people. She almost didn’t land on the list at all.]

                                       ”Now you’re just being ridiculous, Raven.
                                       When have I ever been hospitable to you?”

                      [ she spoke with a smirk playing on her lips, the words rolling off her tongue so easily that it was hard to believe that her glamorous days of villainy were that far behind her, really. Oh, she knew that she should (insert dramatic sigh here) play nice for the time being.

                      But it was just so darned fun to mess with the other girl. ]


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                        • Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars - A layer of red velvet brownies with oreo truffles, topped with chocolate and mini chocolate chips!  (Recipe)